Observation & Development

You want to obtain accurate and relevant information on a specific technical subject. ERTUS Consulting, through daily monitoring, makes its data available for your company.


Regulation is becoming more complex and its follow-up time-consuming, the list of subjects to master lengthens. If the observation is not performed regularly, the company can quickly feel overwhelmed and commit errors of assessment and evaluation of its obligations and/or, its opportunities in the implementation of its processes. This work is part of the ERTUS Consulting everyday life, which has to be constantly informed of changes in its customers' environment. 


In this way, we provide you a detailed report with reliable references on topics of your choice. Whether regulations, rural law or recent hardware innovations, we are able to answer all of your questions.


We are increasingly involved in digital innovation through our synergy with D2E, a subsidiary of the ERTUS Group, and research and development are now part of our daily lives. We plan to export these services to our North American subsidiary. Indeed, ERTUS Consulting International enables us to collect the changes in New World needs, a driving force of our creativity and the development of internal skills.

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